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Just Curious (Jude Deveraux) at New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux’s charming Christmas novella is now available as an. Books by Jude Deveraux, Twin of ice, Counterfeit lady, The duchess, The A Gift of Love: Double Exposure / Just Curious / Gabriel’s Angel. Just Curious by Jude Deveraux – New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux’s charming Christmas novella is now available as an eBook.

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She’d completely forgotten what it was like to shop with a man. She sat, he piled devveraux bags around her, then he went to get the two of them ice cream cones, and for a while they sat in silence with their ice cream. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love.

Behind him, thoughtful, Karen followed — curiuos she was pulled up short at the sight of a shop full of the most beautiful clothes for children she had ever seen. His violent temper maybe?

Price may vary by retailer. With little, ah, cats on the clasp. Lawrence, that you and I are going to get along fine. History Created April 1, 6 revisions Download catalog record: He was obviously a Taggert, but not one Karen had seen before.

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It’s here in the mall but devsraux the next level, so I’d better run. Alternative names Jude Gilliam White Montassir. You know, like clothing in department stores, so if the children wander outside the play area or someone tries to take them, bells go off as they exit the store. See full terms and conditions and this month’s choices. Want to hear more? For a moment Mac seemed to consider this, then he solemnly lifted his right frfe, clenched his fist, and made his biceps bulge through his sweater.


As far as she knew none of the women in the secretarial pool had seen inside that office, and Karen, as much as anyone else, was very curious to see inside those doors. Then he laughed, a deep rumbling sound that came from inside his chest.

Whatever she thought of how he treated women in his personal life, Taggert was always respectful to his employees. After Ray died you found out that the only way Thompson had originally been willing to sell to him was on the condition that on Ray’s death he could buy you out for fifty grand. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover!

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Drveraux and Fowler had made an English room that looked like something from Chatsworth. Following the publication of her first novel, she resigned her teaching position. And they visited all nine toy stores ucrious made purchases from each one, so many purchases in fact that Karen suspected that they’d bought more toys than there were children. Edited by Hemanth Kumar. That seems to cure every woman of you forever.

In the snow-covered hills of Virginia, a young widow finds that miracles really do come in the least expected packages. Jude Gilliam was born September 20, in Fairdale, Kentucky. Steve shouted to Mac, asking him to come play with them. It was her belief that Taggert waited until the night before or the day of the wedding to present his bride with one jyde his loathsome prenuptial agreements, letting her know just what he thought of her.

Since Loretta had told every female in the office all about the divine Mr. Juat holding the door open, she carefully looked up and down both corridors to see if anyone was about. It suddenly occurred to Karen what they were talking about, that they might have a baby together but it wouldn’t be theirs.


read Just Curious(6) online free by Jude Deveraux

After they were situated, he looked at her. Just Curious eBook I am offering you legitimate employment, and since this is a devdraux personal job, I wanted to know more about you. If you are bound and determined to commit suttee for Ray, so be it. For a moment fear ran through her. Jude has lived in several countries and all over the United States.

Just Curious by Jude Deveraux

In the event of a divorce, even the clothing he bought her would remain with him. Last edited by Hemanth Kumar. Ignoring the laughter of the men, Mac shouted, “What do you want us to get you for a wedding gift? Now we must go. Everything in that free, from every department, goes across my jut. As Karen watched, one elevator went straight from the twelfth floor down to the first, skipping her on nine.

Abruptly, she pulled away from his touch. A woman knew she could tell Bunny anything and it would go no further.

Just Curious(6) by Jude Deveraux

Must be something I ate. There was a room with tatami mats, shoji screens, and jade objects that was used for Japanese clients. You are much too clever to throw away everything. A Santa Fe room dripped beaded moccasins and leather shirts with horsehair tassels. For a moment they tried to get Karen to go with them, but when they realized who she was, they backed off.