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You may not have heard Jean-Claude Forest’s name, but you know his most famous creation, the free-love sci-fi classic Barbarella. Barbarella [Jean-Claude Forest, Kelly Sue DeConnick] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Book 1 (first collected in ), Barbarella’s. Barbarella [Jean-Claude Forest] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The plot mechanics and the male gaze both make themselves felt. Good fun, and gorgeous to look at. Eroticscience fiction. If you found this website helpful, please support it by making a donation: Like the movie, there’s lots of sex, and the abruptness with which it starts and ends is played for laughs a feeling I get at the beginning and end of each chapter, too. What are more confusing are some small details, for example, the meaning of those seven crystal things in the middle of the Star Gate sequence.

In Britain, cut-price publishers of reprints of American comic books were too small-scale and disparate to defend or self-regulate their products. Claudd reading the comic, I realize it’s pretty similar in tone and aesthetic vorest its source material, and lifts barbxrella from this volume to create its plot.


This article needs additional citations for verification. To ask other readers questions about Barbarellaplease sign up. A character named Dildano who captains a phallus-shaped spaceship?

In America, anxious to avoid legislation, the majority of publishers banded together in to finance their own regulator, the Comics Code Authority, which enforced rigorous, infantilizing limits on content. Its lovely artwork – lots of stylized shots of the alien world, and each chapter using only black and one jewel-tone color – pops right off the page.

He was still in school when he created his first comic strip, The Black Arrow.


Jean-Claude Forest’s Barbarella:

An angel has no memory Barbarella was the vanguard of a Sixties wave of liberated comics heroines in France and elsewhere. September 25, An edited version of this Article originally appeared as the Foreword to the Humanoids Inc. WordPress Hashcash needs javascript to work, but your browser has javascript disabled. The book takes the form of four or five chapters, each detailing a series of somewhat connected events and generally telling a self-contained story.

These are only minor changes if you ignore the ways in which readers take them together. Oct bxrbarella, Nathan “N.

The artwork is simple but good and the story is somewhat disjointed – most likely a product of being a serial This recent English translation from collects all of the first barbqrella of Barbarella comic strips originally published in V magazine between and Wicked Wanda, and Scarth A.

The eroticism’s relatively innocent, and the humor’s more Beavis and Butthead than anything else. She is a creature of the future who is confronted with the monsters and robots of the strange planet, and she is put to one test after another. I guess back when Barbarella was first published it would have been quite titillating.

So if you want the full Barbarella, maybe try that one? It was first collected into a book inand was a huge success, exported and translated all over the world. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Views Read Claudw View history. Either way, that’s Barbarella.

Barbarella, with her long hair and sonorous name, her baby face and disdain for needless clothes, finds herself on the hean Lythion, where she has made a forced landing while traveling alone through outer space in her rocket. Retrieved 18 April Considered daring and erotic at the time although daring, it isn’t really erotic, and underground American comics jesn the time were much more graphicthis is the series that inspired the movie Barbarella, starring Jane Fonda.


She agrees to have his future children but before they can marry, war breaks out with another planet and Charlot finds himself conscripted.

Barbarella – Hardcover Trade

But you’ve seen colorful posters of Jane Fonda looking flawless in a variety of impeccably styled costumes that put a sci-fi spin on burlesque. The film starring Jane Fonda is one of my favorite movies of all-time. And, whether battling sadists or turning her ray gun on gelatinous monsters, she cannot seem to avoid losing all or part of her skin-tight space suit. Your comment will be queued in Akismet!

Return to Book Page. France was much quicker off the mark with both a state-run regulatory commission and legislation.

It’s also huge, so either carry a big bag when you check it out, or be prepared to carry nothing else. Southern was a natural choice to go on to write the Barbarella screenplay. Barbarellathe creation that would make Forest internationally famous, originated in as a comic strip in the French periodical V Magazine. Right to the end, he was busy as a consultant on a proposed animated version from Nelvana, and as a collaborator with Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier on a new American Barbarella comic book.

Captain, you better pull out! Inthe New York publisher Fiction House diversified from pulp magazines into comic books, and in spun-off their science fiction title Planet Stories into Planet Comics.

A Space Odyssey which was actually released in the same year is confusing. Open Preview See a Problem?

I liked the way the earlier colors as well, at least for the way in which they delineated the different chapters.