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This was when he was offering the Building the Gymnastic Bodies Handstand One (H1) is designed to develop a free-standing handstand. Has anyone tried GB Foundation programs? I have a question in relation to the weekly schedule. Since I’d already started it, I decided to stick with Gymnastic Bodies. For example, one of the Foundation program’s progressions is Front.

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Those who flew through it If you don’t complete the workout for example week 9 try again the following week. The rest of this post has more detailed notes and opinions on the different GB programs which I’ve tried. Should you take a day to try the 5x60s mastery when moving onto a new exercise, then calculate where you gymnasticbodues from there?

Gymnasticbodies: Foundation One training | Simon Le Coaching: Personal Training Canberra

If you are like me and are just getting into handstand training, I feel confident recommending this course. And with that in mind, it makes sense to sell as onf volumes of material as possible. Assuming untrained adults will master a movement like this after a such a relatively short period of time seems unrealistic to me. Speaking of the videos, generally they’re very good.

It is frustrating to see and in founation opinion, fosters a very unwelcoming and closed-minded environment. Leave aside military, police, first responder, and athletic team sport or otherwise standards for push-ups for males in the early 20s to whom 5×15 would be a warm-up If, after all of the above, additional hypertrophy is still required for an exceptionally slim athlete to be able to perform adequately, a template of 10×3 work sets done every two minutes or a pyramid structure of 12,10,8,6 reps with increasing training loads as the repetitions decrease will usually resolve the issue.



Read our official FAQ before posting! Thank you for the compliment. If so, I would like to have Foundation One serve as the core of my workout and then throw in some squats and deadlifts.

He stated that he didn’t start training foundayion skills Front lever, back lever, planche until the trainee has a solid press handstand, a muscle up, and the beginnings of planche training.

By week 6, I had managed 5 x 60 seconds. For a system that places form on a golden pedestal and espouses it above all else, actual descriptions of the form required for the exercises is very light sometimes to the point of being non-existent.

Gymnastic Bodies Review: Foundation, Handstand 1 and 2, Stretch Series : bodyweightfitness

I did realize how brutal my mobility is. Founfation bunny hop and keep the knees in until your shoulder and traps are tight and placed properly.

I’d love a review on that. A “Level 2” is mentioned in a few places, but not yet available. For each exercise you get 9 steps, which increase in intensity. I might be in the minority but I like the S videos. This is, by the way, is an interesting response, and only reiterates that you continue to fall prey to a ton of confirmation bias: Never heard of this, it looks pretty interesting.

Biceps tendon for me started to feel a bit spicy after doing too much planche AND front lever work. Spinning wheels with GB, with the added knowledge that there are all the drawbacks that have been mentioned time and again. I’m currently doing H1 wall runs and looking to speed up progress. Bent Hollow Body Hold. But he sold his soul for money and disregards other experts, science and his very own athletes. Been thinking about buying the Gymnastic Bodies courses.


Again, there are some useful bits, but not enough to justify the price. I also find it troubling that in a business like the fitness world where successful relationships are the key to your success, the GB system has burned many bridges with individuals it was associated with in the past.

Keith Pettit’s material is another example of focusing on a small group of specific targets. So much so, that I may just video tape every workout if I can. Therefore, you end up with a hardworking, genetic and expert-assisted elite who will do impressive things.

I have seen several reviews of these programs and want to offer my take on them. Off the top of my head, I was training 4 days a week on average. Unlike the other fuondation programs I’ve followed, GB puts a huge emphasis on increasing the strength of your tendons, joints, and other connective tissues.

Hi Harry, Thanks for your report, I think it is helping many out there. In Sommer’s world, his year-old athletes would compete in ‘push-up wars. Handstand Two This program is designed to build the capacity to perform a press handstand from an L-sit position. I know that in order to maintain a posterior pelvic tilt, you have to squeeze your butt as hard as possible. In the Foundation program you get two of these for each exercise: