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Poll: Best Seafarers Scenarios. Go ahead an explain why in the comments below . Thank you for contributing. The Catan community needs this. Unlike The Settlers of Catan and Catan: Cities & Knights, Catan: Seafarers has a number of different scenarios or maps from which. What you get: Your USD 37 or equivalent will get you Catan Seafarers Scenario: Legend of the Sea Robbers, a scenario for the enormously.

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Now five to six players can sail into the wild, uncharted seas. Randomly select the harbor tokens, one at a time, and place them on the board where the scenario diagram indicates.

The ship pieces in the scenariis do not represent the individual ships, just as roads do not represent the actual carts and wagons that travel along your trade routes. Instead, the ship pieces represent a “shipping route”. In other scenarios, the board is divided into seafarerd, and if the player builds a settlement on an island other than the ones they begin on, the settlement is worth extra victory points. Thus, a chain of ships is always anchored at a settlement on the coast.

Catan: Seafarers – Wikipedia

Remember that you can only connect a road to a shipping route if there is a settlement or a city at the intersection where the two meet. The “Longest Road” card is now renamed the “Longest Trade Route” since this is now calculated by counting the number of contiguous ships plus roads that a player has. Each map uses a scenatios selection of tiles laid out in a specific pattern, which may not use all of the tiles. You must use the settlement or city that earned you the chit.


The Great Crossing was a scenario in the older editions of Seafarerswhich has been dropped in newer editions.

Heading for New Shores. You may only connect a land network of roads to a sea network of shipping routes if you first build a settlement where they come together. Now five to six players can explore and settle Catan!

To build a ship, expend 1 wool resource seacarers make sails and 1 lumber resource to build hulls and masts. However, there are limits to how ships may be moved. When you earn a special victory point, you receive a catan chit.

An “open shipping route” is any route that does not interconnect two of your settlements or cities. Languages Italiano Polski Edit links. This page was last edited on 1 Augustat You may catsn build a ship along a coast route if there is already a road along that hex side and vice versa.

The Wonders of Catan 9: Combination with other scenarios from the “Seafarers” Expansion The scenario “Spices for Catan” is also suitable for various scenarios of the “Seafarer” extension. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. If you do so, you have the option of placing a ship, instead of a road, adjacent to that settlement.

In order to travel from one island to another, you need to build ships.

Seafarers Game Rules

As normal, each settlement is entitled to 1 resource, while each city is entitled to 2 resources. In Seafarers, certain scenarios contain no desert hexes. In addition, no ship may be moved scenatios from the pirate if it is on the border of the hex in which the pirate is sailing. Archived from the original on Die Siedler von Catan – Der Schokoladenmarkt.


Unlike roads, ships cannot be placed between two land hexes. Eager gold prospectors discovered this valuable mineral on some sexfarers the islands around Catan! One special point is awarded to each player when they build their first settlement on an island that isn’t one of the starting islands. Gold, however, is a very valuable medium of exchange. This scenario is meant for players new to Seafarerswith elements of Seafarers incorporated into the more familiar main board.

Best Seafarers Scenarios | Catan: Seafarers | BoardGameGeek

Ships may only be built in one single line, which must pass through a fixed waypoint different for each player en route to a pirate fortress each player has their own pirate fortress. If the number of tiles you want to use doesn’t come out evenly, having extra pastures sheep and forests wood are most important due to these being what is used to make boats.

Start by seeafarers a map size how many of the frame tiles to use.