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Use a pin to press the button for 10 seconds until the Power indicator turns red then green. 3. You may reconfigure the DSLEW when the front indicators are . DSLEW, with its high-power wireless G+ speed and . Web-based management GUI save/restore router configuration firmware upgrade via Web GUI. On the Wireless Setup page, you can change the Primary SSID, Primary SSID will be the wireless network name which you will see when you scan for wireless .

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There is no NAT option.

Download Aztech DSL605EW Firmware

DSLEW Wireless configuration – Aztech i have this roter can any body tell me that how long its wi fi range tell me in meters. Admin use capital A passcode: Default Passwords User Stories. That’s the computer I’m calling the “target” computer. The username is admin and the password is the password to your web gui. To set up your connection, you should delete the existing quickstart connection.

Password capital P sometimes after flashing you may try your old username and password. If you used routertech. The following is an example only. Such opinions may not be accurate and they are to be used at your own risk. LAN ports auto cross-over:. Please bear with me for I am dumb and cannot follow your instructions correctly. Wireless Networks and WEP. Remote Desktop uses port by default so that’s the port you will forward.


If you’ve forgotten your password, there is an option to reset the entire router configuration. What help me is application from wireshark. A little more detail is needed. In order to access the camera from a remote location you will first have to setup remote access to the computer the camera connects to.

After that, you can set your lan connection to to obtain ip address automatically, to make use of the dhcp of the router. The information on Computing.

Once you’ve got the target computer’s IP and enabled remote desktop on it you will want to create a port forward in your router. Most camera’s I’ve worked with have one of two ways to connect to them.

Pano mo magagamit ung mga static ip aztdch na kinuha mo? Once you do that, you will be connected to the “target” computer and can then connect to the camera either via the web browser on it or through the software that came with the camera.

Thank you for the info. DSL Wireless Router date added: Broadband Forums General Discussions. Do not turn off the router. Pano gagawing modem lang sya para makuha ko ung static ip papuntang PC? WAN port s type:. Cool Links SpeedGuide Teams. It may be indicated by flashing leds after the seconds interval Net and its accuracy. Other firmwares I could recommend are these: The stock firmware issued by www. Would you use Snapchat filters on your dog?

Why my new hp htc one 4G cannot connect to my DSL Can someone help me to configure my aztech dsl ew in terms of static ip. Yes No I don’t have a dog.

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Once connected, fire up the web browser on that PC and go view your web cam. When you say “target” did you mean any other computer from any other location, aside from the one I am using to configure the camera from my network? It should look as follows: Telefonica Incompetence, Xenophobia or Fraud? Thanks for your reply.

how to configure aztech dslew to connect a

This would require telnet procedures to your router. Or, do you want to access the camera from an external location?

I’m going to setup and example for you in hopes of having this all make sense to you. Broadband Forums General Discussion Gallery. Globe tech support has so many excuses regarding this issue. The modem model is usually supplied now with globe subscribers. If you created the port forward correctly on your router, and enabled RD on the “target” computer Thousands of users waiting to help! The other firmware is the one with more advance features, coming from routertech.

They customized and locked the firmware for their own purpose. After flashing, click Rebooot, to restart your router.