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False Colors. falsecolors For his first command, John Cavendish is given the elderly bomb vessel HMS Meteor, and a crew as ugly as the ship. False Colors is one of two debut releases (April 12) for Running Press’ new M/M Romance line that is being shelved in Romance in bookstores. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only.

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Alex Beecroft June 4, And it makes me wonder what they’re going to do now that they’ve had sex.

The main reason I lost a star was because I couldn’t warm to the narrator, but then his self-hatred is an important aspect of the story, so there’s a reason for that. She totally drew me in and I got so invested with these characters. Are you still interested in an answer, or should I just hang my head in shame and slink away?

But Alfie draws the strangest reactions from him and he doesn’t understand why – and he does not realize that Alfie is gay. But the women connected to the church observation is even better! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. All members are encouraged to participate fully in the review process, rather than concentrating only on obtaining reviews for their own work.

Wombat Jul 9, I have been exploring cross genre “incursions” into age-of-fighting-sail Historic Naval Fiction with varied results. Straightening his back even further, an ache like a fist between his shoulder blades, he picked his way back through the coils of hawser. Photo by David Iskander on Unsplash In keeping with the re-vamping of every single thing that is going on in my life as an author, it finally occurred to me that at the end of my books I offer people the chance to sign up for my newsletter in exchange for 4 free books.

Then things get worse.

That last bit is a joke, but only marginally so. I have to admit therefore that this for me is that rare find: Jul 13, Richard Derus rated it really liked it. At times this is very gritty and downright disturbing think kissing someone with a mouthful of rotten teeth!


False Colors by Alex Beecroft

The main reason I lost a star was because I couldn’t colirs to the narrator, but then his self-hatred is a Surprises all the way to the end This was a fascinating book in which two intertwined stories came together in a really satisfying way at the end. Akex reason these characters are exasperating is perfectly believable and true to men of their times, given that they lived in an era when to declare their love for one another openly attracted the death penalty.

If you would like to quote MORE than words, please ask us first via the email address in the Contact details. Thank you for accepting my friend request, Alex.

Bookwhacks are okay if A group for indie writers that want help writing and marketing their book. This is how John and Alfie meet.

False Colors by Alex Beecroft | Vulpes Libris

But at least I’m writing, which is the main thing. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You’re so right about meditation. Oct 13, Friendly discussions and helpful advice encouraged. What Readers Are Saying What do you think?

False Colors

But then that is a hazard of most romance novels: May 02, Riptide Publishing — members — last activity Jun 03, You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. That’s good as I think the central conflict is of the “man against society” type. Dreamspinner Press — members — last activity Dec 18, Trying to calm his mind, he strode out nervous and filled with a lightning of energy he had to out-walk before he could think.

Alongside that, Alfie is the falsw impulsive of the two. His defiant and exhibitionist conduct, combined with self-hatred and selfishness, is what propels Alfie through the still and stormy waters of his relationship beecrfot Cavendish.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Even those who are antagonistic to the heroes aren’t moustache twirling bad guys, they’ve all got shades of grey and complex motivations. It is a typical romance plot. The main characters face not just beeecroft but execution if their affection for each other is found out, but plenty of other fzlse will try falsr kill them too.


Age of Sail fans who don’t mind Teh Ghey. Apr 12, Errolyn rated it really liked it Shelves: With the arrival of his former captain—and lover—on the scene of the disastrous mission, Alfie is torn between the security of his past and the uncertain promise of copors future with the straight-laced John.

I also like what you say about the wife having depths of her own, rather than merely being a symbol of what the protagonist cllors leave behind. Jan 28, Kazza rated it it was amazing Shelves: See 2 answers from Alex Beecroft…. Coupling takes place only at key points where it is vital for the plot, and each instance either moves the story along or shows details of the characters involved that would have been impossible to convey in any other way.

However, falwe of this, it does mean that Alfie is able to chart a more emotional journey, and provides the passion of the novel, where John provides the rigour.

Now that they’ve had sex everything is perfect, right, and all their previous troubles go away? What book of mine would you most like for free? Also, please follow my Amazon Author Page at: And then the part when they were visiting the people with the plague in the hospital yellow fever, I think and the officers kept getting puked on.

One or two writers who set their stories in a genuinely-rendered navy of the Napoleonic era and one or two who tell a good story, but who show little respect for the details of ships and navies. Before I knew it, I had stayed up to finish the whole thing. Feb 27, Kaje Harper rated it really liked it Shelves: