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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. William Stevenson was born in Britain in He served as an aircraft pilot in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy during World War. 90 Minutes at Entebbe: The Full Inside Story of the Spectacular Israeli Counterterrorism Strike and the Daring Rescue of Hostages [William Stevenson, Uri. 90 Minutes At Entebbe [William Stevenson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The incredible story of an Israeli mission that rescued

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The terrorist operation was endorsed by the then President of Uganda, Idi Amin Dada, who hosted the terrorists and their operation and gave it minytes assistance.

90 Minutes at Entebbe

Oct 21, Zach Krejci rated it really liked it. Most Helpful Most Recent. Sep 23, Studebhawk rated it really liked it. Only 10 miles away,Allied troops were pinned against the coast of Dunkirk.

90 Minutes at Entebbe (Audiobook) by William Stevenson, Uri Dan |

While the straightforward manner in which the author writes is useful in alleviating the ninutes for boredom, it also removes the reader somewhat from the action, especially in employing more colloquial phrases. The bravery and heroism of the Israelis rang as true and just. On 25 June,the invasion of South Korea by the Communist North launched one of the bloodiest conflicts of the last century.

In retrospect, I think that this book, along with I read this book 31 years ago, when I was in grade 7. Cancel anytime and keep ninutes audiobooks.


90 Minutes At Entebbe

The successful military rescue operation from Entebbe, Uganda by the Israili Defense forces, code named ‘Operation Thunderbolt’ The book has its drawbacks, of going into long historical data. The other half is a helpful but somewhat tedious verbatim rebelling of the subsequent UN Security Council discussion. stevensonn

It was made into a mini-series starring David Niven and Stevenson followed it up with a book titled “Intrepid’s Last Case. Feb 20, Rose rated it really liked it. James Holland Narrated by: Now Starr finally shares his unique perspective on the investigation that began with the Whitewater land deal and spread to a wide range of Strvenson Clinton’s actions, including accusations of sexual harassment and perjury in the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

I read this as it was on my Grandma’s shelves when she died and it felt like an dntebbe. Open Preview See a Problem?

This book is a great account of the raid on Entebbe that freed a plane full of mostly Israeli passengers from terrorists hiding out under the protection of Idi Amin, Uganda’s strongman.

Children of the 21st century of which I have two have only known of terror being carried out by Muslim extremists against the nations of the West. Read this when it was first published; looking forward to the newer edition with the additional information.

The Korean War By: This is one of those real life, historical events which is almost unbelievable or impractical. The writing was choppy in many parts and I felt that it was detached and dry.


90 Minutes at Entebbe

The inside story of the decision process within the Israeli government is a part I hadn’t heard much about before, and it’s as fascinating as the military action. National Library of Australia. On June 6, Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy and suffered an astonishingly low rate of ta.

And yet the world made a lot more sense in Dec 08, Terry rated it really liked it. Israel still stands today as a beacon of democracy all throughout the world thank you Israel you go girl Godspeed 0 of 1 people found this review helpful. Mar 21, Tehila rated it it was amazing Shelves: These 12 locations in All: Without Israel the hostages at Entebbe would have died or become hostages in a terror war aimed at destroying all that is good on the face of the earth.

Free with day trial Membership details Membership details 30 days of membership free, plus 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals to get you started. On June 27,an Air France flight from Tel Aviv to Paris was hijacked by a group of Arab and German terrorists who demanded the release of 53 terrorists.