We need as many comparisons as possible.

After the registration system was implemented in June

Once again, jeonse prices are on the rise.

The interest rate is 0.50

There was an announcement that it was going to freeze

Of course once again

There’s a growing desire to buy my own house

Going into effect in July

Expanding the demand for homeless people,

The deregulation of LTV in regulated areas

Interest increases.

There’s also the same thing

There’s also DSR for car owners

The maximum legal interest rate

From 24 percent to 20 percent


In real estate and finance

Many changes are foreseen.

So today

Deregulating mortgages

I’ll take a moment to find out the details.

The current regulated area is

There are 49 speculative districts

To 111 areas subject to adjustment

More than 70 percent of the population

I’m living in a regulated area

I’ve been investigated.

So there are a lot of people living there, and they have good housing conditions

Most of them have been designated as regulated areas

That’s enough.

So for the recent mortgages

When it comes to LTV or DSR

We’re trying to figure it out on a regulatory basis

It was taken for granted.

It’s not just financial regulation like LTV DSR DTI

There are tax issues such as acquisition tax and comprehensive real estate holding tax

Restrictions on resale of occupancy rights or sales rights,

Restrictions on guarantees for Jeonse loans to prevent gap investment,

Restrictions on mortgage loans for more than two houses,

And finally, to the part where we’re submitting the funding plan

There are a lot of regulations.

In fact, what you need is a mortgage

Depending on the purpose of use

Business loans for life stabilization loans

There are three types

The housing fund and the living security fund

It is included in household funds.

Business loans

Hangwa, the mortgage system of the rental business operator

If you don’t use the loan only to buy a house

Real estate regulations are not applied.

In terms of household loans

The regulation as shown in the table above is being applied

This July

Ease the requirements of the end user and apply the benefits

Many parts are going to be changed.

The table above

This is about to be changed

The most important thing is

The easing of LTV regulations on mortgage loans for the working class

I think it’s the housing market price part.

Now, the LTV is a regulated area

Even if you get benefits from real consumers in overheated speculation zones

50 percent is the limit

The market price is only applied under 600 million won.

Based on the metropolitan area or metropolitan city

The house is under 600 million won

The infrastructure is relatively poor.

Especially in Seoul, where housing prices hit the ceiling

An apartment under 600 million won

It’s less than 20 percent

This time

That’s 900 million won

The target area is 800 million won

I’ll change

A person who can be subject to the actual needs of the working class

It is expected that there will be more apartments.

The loan limit will be extended up to 400 million won

The money I have to hold

It’s also a good thing that it’s relatively reduced.

But this time, it’s going to be implemented together

Because of the DSR part of the car owner

You need to earn a lot of money

There’s less impact on mortgage execution

The standard is over 600 million houses in regulated areas

It applies to more than 100 million credit loans

In a government press release

Here’s an example of what the real demand requirement for the working class is

I’m not realistic I’m being criticized.

Now, the average income of a working couple is

I gave you an example for 81 million won

It’s because I’m far behind

If you look at the whole household

The income is much less

By median income

It’s only about 30 million won.

Also, even if LTV increases like this

To buy a house

I have a lot of money to hold

So there’s a lot of people who need extra loans

If you think about these extra loans

There are some difficulties because there is no room for DSR.

The regulation of DSR by car owners

Like I said earlier

The extra loan part

From the maturity loan product which is extended by the due date

It affects the most

Even if it doesn’t apply until now

In the case of an extension review after that

Influenced by DSR regulation

There may be cases where the extension review is rejected.

It’s also a life-stable loan

Like a business loan

When I need a subordinate mortgage

Pay back the existing loan

Or transfer

Excluding the set amount

When I need a subordinated mortgage

Or maybe

When you need an unregistered apartment loan or a credit loan

When you need a mortgage in the form of a self-secured loan

I got it when I bought it

It’s common to have a purchase loan

Calculating the principal and interest based on the total debt

Because DSR is the standard

Difficulties can arise when running additional loans.

Here’s the solution

The DSR standard is higher than 40 percent of banks

The DSR in the second financial sector is high at 60%

Using the 2nd financial sector is the most recommended.

Especially when you need to transfer

Insurance mortgages

I’m keeping low interest rates

It’s a rate that’s no different from banks

It is used the most in additional loans.

Mortgage loans for P2P products

It’s usually used in subordinated mortgages

It’s a fund with no purpose

There is no need to calculate mortgage regulations or DSRs.

The one thing I’m most reluctant about is P2P

It’s high interest rate

After the legal maximum interest rate cut

It remains to be seen how it will change.

Financial instruments are also a commodity Bonny

We need as many comparisons as possible.

All of these financial institutions’products

To check all at once

I need professional help

Help from an expert

The easiest way to get it for free

The rate of interest rate 모바일상품권 comparison

It’s increasing.

How to proceed

It’s getting simplified in the age of uncontact

The interest rate comparison to the wise use of financial instruments

It’s becoming an essential process.

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