Most of these places are likely to be fraudulent.

Hello! This is a current blog that tells you about your loans and financial news. If you are a housewife, college student, or leaving work and are now resting or preparing for employment, I would like to talk about how to borrow for those who are classified as unemployed. I’ve had a lot of consultations with unemployed people who are looking for loans. Today, I will try to solve the general arrangement and precautions of unemployed loans.
Total arrangement of unemployed lending methods – unemployed loans that are hard to find
In fact, finding an unemployed loan is very difficult. First of all, you can say that there are few unemployed loans in the 1st financial bank. Although there were occasional exceptions until the government tightened regulations on loans, it is difficult to borrow not only unemployed but also workers.
So if you do not have the right credit rating and the workplace with the four major insurance policies, you can see that lending is almost difficult, and the conditions of the workplace are also somewhat difficult. I don’t think they’re all employees because they’re working or earning. They need to meet the terms of their four major insurance policies and tenure.
Therefore, Alba, freelancers, small businesses, and daily workers are actually rejected because they have difficulty in proving their income even if they have some income. And recently, it is difficult to borrow money unless the government-sponsored people’s loan qualifications such as Sunshine and SaeHoon Hall are workers with four major insurance policies. Fortunately, a small-scale loan called Sunshine Loan 17 has been released since September 2019, so you can solve this part at all. If you have a little income, I recommend you to look at the 17th Sunshine Loan in detail.
Unemployed Loan Method Total Resolution – Unemployed Loan Method First
Unemployed loans are rarely found in the 1-financial banking sector, but you should not expect them.
If the loan is rejected in the financial sector, the next good way is to use the 2-financial capital credit card holdings loan. However, if you are using a credit card with more than one year of use without delinquency, you can get a credit card holder loan.
There are separate places that specialize in credit card holder loans such as Busan Capital, Hana, and Lotte, except for three places where credit card holders lend. Also, it is better not to take out a loan without a credit card.
Unemployed Loan Method Generalization – Unemployed Loan Method Second
The loan that unemployed people can borrow at the highest interest rate and the lowest interest rate is 폰테크 a mortgage, but a mortgage is set to a mortgage on assets. Apartment theory can be borrowed without this mortgage setting, so if you have property, you can recognize it, and apartment theory is credit.
Apartment theory is not your name, but it can also be your spouse’s name. There are various names such as asset theory, house theory, unsecured apartment theory, and unset apartment theory. There are also deposit mortgage loans for those who have a monthly deposit similar to apartment loans, and mortgage loans for unemployed people who have cars.
Total Resolution of Unemployed Loan Method – Third Law of Unemployed Loan
In other ways, small loans of less than 3 million won can not be a big problem for financial institutions, so you can get a little more approval for loan screening. Nowadays, most unemployed people solve the problem of money with small loans. Recently, a lot of mobile micro loans have been released and can be recognized this way.
If you have a lot of money, you have to get a small loan several times. The problem here is that if you get more loans, you will have a lot of credit. Recently, well-known lenders such as Baron, Rush and Cathy, Mizu Love, and Welcomeron are safe, but you should be careful about other similar names.
Unemployed Loan Tips and Cautions
Those who need to be dispatched are very hard to borrow because they do not have a good loan. Right now, money is urgent, so if you get any loans without knowing it, you can get more angry. Especially those in their 20s or minors should be more careful.
If you’re looking at how to borrow illegal unemployed people, you have to change your mind. Sometimes you’re looking for illegal loans, like day loans, work loans, and card-kicks. You can suffer from high loan payments. To get these loans, I want you to know about national systems such as personal rehabilitation and debt adjustment.
The last tip I want to give you is to check the loan information and contact them. You should really avoid calls or texts because you can borrow by text or phone.It is illegal to contact first to promote the loan, and most of these places are likely to be fraud.

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