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Hello! Steammango, financial and loan information. Today, I’ll let you know where you can get a loan without proof of income. Unlike ordinary workers who receive monthly salaries steadily, those who do freelance and self-employed work sometimes feel that it is difficult to borrow from commercial banks even though income is difficult to prove.
In addition, it is not easy for unemployed and housewives who do not have any income at all to get a loan from a commercial banknote. If they do not have a hand in the neighborhood, I would like to see another situation as embarrassing.
loan without proof of income without proof of loan income

If you have found out where you can get a loan without proof of income due to financial difficulties, please focus on today’s posting!In recent years, mobile loan products have become more diverse, so accessibility has improved. Small loans that can be used as emergency funds can be used without proof of income.
Utilization of Seoul Guarantee Insurance Guarantee

Shinhan Bank, Kakao Bank, Hana Bank, etc., are in the first financial sector, and loans can be used without proof of income. Because annual income or whether you work is not in the examination standard. However, the Bohung Securities of Seoul Guarantee Insurance should be able to be issued, and the issuance cost is not included separately, and the loan can be received up to the limit on the guarantee.
kakao bank kakao bank

Carbang emergency loans can be used for up to 3 million won for one year in a negative account method, and it is a repayment method and can be extended. If you can issue Seoul Guarantee Insurance, you can get a loan without any obstacles. Interest rates are at a minimum of 3.09% per annum.

Hana Bank’s emergency loans can receive a maximum limit of 3 million won and the minimum amount is 500,000 won. This is also a loan that can be used only when the Seoul Guarantee Insurance Guarantee is issued. It can be easily applied by mobile for up to 10 years and is a negative bankbook method. Interest rates are at a minimum of 4.5 percent a year.
Shinhan Bank Shinhan Bank

The comfortable emergency loan can be used at least 50 ~ up to 2 million won and will be used in a negative account method. The interest rate is 3.80% per annum. One precaution is that Shinhan Bank Pokelon can not be used.
communication grade utilization

Nonghyup Bank and Woori 폰테크 Bank can also borrow without proof of income, because it is a product using communication grade. In order for the communication rating to come out, one of the three telecommunications companies must be used under their own name.
nyupgwon bank

All-won emergency loans can be used when the communication grade comes in to grade 9, and if the grade is not calculated, you can get an automatic high-interest rate examination. The maximum limit is 3 million won, which can be used for a total of 3 years, and repayment is made by equalization of principal.
uri bank

Woori Bank’s emergency loans can also be checked with the communication level and borrowed up to 3 million won. The period of use is one year and the negative account method is conducted. You can easily apply by mobile, and you can get up to 0.50% preferential interest rate depending on the communication grade.
credit card utilization

Daegu Bank and Suhyup Bank can also borrow without proof of income. The banks use credit cards to borrow. Based on the credit card retention period and usage results, it is a way to give income to the limit. Even if you do not go to work, even if you do not have proof of income, you can borrow if you were using your credit card without overdue.
daegu bank

Tsudam Tsudam simple loan is a loan product that can receive a limit of up to 3 million won for 1 ~ 3 years, and it will be repaid monthly by equalizing the principal during the period of use. There is a condition that you should have a credit card in your name and have a credit score of 459 or more.
Suhyup Bank Suhyup Bank

Hay Plus loans can be applied to customers who can earn estimated income or if they have a credit card for more than 6 months, up to 20 million won can be applied. The period of use is up to 5 years. It is a way to repay the principal and interest rates are 3.66% per annum.

Today, I have learned about loan products that can be applied without proof of income. I hope you will use the products that suit your situation. Finally, I will explain the loan Brothers, a direct loan platform.

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