Already, Friday, the last day of the week, came.

Already, Friday, the last day of the week, came.
It’s a weekend away, but it’s not as bad as it used to be.
Because I’m not free to go out.
It was frustrating.
Starting today, we have been vaccinated against Corona in our country.
They say it started for the first time.
As much as everyone’s trying to end Corona,
I’m going to spend more time being more careful and recharged.
I think we need to have it.
The scene where the southern tent-earning went today,
This is a house located in Sinchon, Seoul.
In the residential area, many buildings are concentrated.
It’s located in a narrow alleyway, so we’re gonna have to take
It is often difficult to utilize.
As you can see from the photographs, the rooftop space…
There are a lot of people who think it’s good to use because it’s pretty big.
There is no way if the weather is not good.
Simple construction, space utilization,
We’re looking for a facility that can stretch to the fullest.
It can be called Seoul Sinchon Skyning.
We could put up a manual tent, but we’d have to.
I can’t guarantee the durability. The safety.
It could be a problem, and I have to install it manually.
There’s a problem of trouble.
The skylights we’re building for you,
It’s not just about making up for those shortcomings.
We guarantee your convenience.
First of all, we’re going to build the materials that we’ve prepared today.
Put it on the rooftop and put up the frame.
We have to work without error 스카이어닝 based on accurate measurements.
The result will be more complete.
I made a mistake in this part, and I thought I’d make a mistake in the
If it goes wrong, we can’t guarantee the safety of the facility.
This is the most important task.
We’ve got a lot of experienced field experience.
I am working without mistakes while thoroughly inspecting all the processes.
This installation site in Sinchon, Seoul,
We have installed the most basic structure of skylining.
It’s a simple structure, but it’s strong enough to withstand strong winds.
There is no problem of snow and rain gathering on the tent by giving an angle of slope.
I’ve installed LED bars for you to use at night.
I hope you can use it conveniently.
As you can see from the Seoul Shinchon Skyning site today,
Skyning is a way to improve efficiency in a small space.
It can be a good solution to save your life.
If you need construction or have any questions,
Please feel free to contact the southern tent.

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