I think it’s minimal and sophisticated

As I’m getting older, I’m going to wear what I want to wear.

The gap with my image began to widen.

When I go to the clothing store to buy clothes, I go shopping with my mom.

The style recommended by the store clerk is that I have an image that matches my appearance.

Clothes. But my personality tells me that if it’s not what I’m wearing,

No matter how expensive or pretty the clothes are, I don’t wear them once.

So the outfit I’m going to review today is my favorite, dumb style.

It’s a 레플리카 comfortable look.

Color is originally ivory tone down pink or mint,

I like pastel yellow light purple green, but I’ve never tried it before.

I got colored pants as a gift, so how can I try styling them?

And then I picked it up in black, the most perfect and wonderful color.

Black is always the fixer.

When it’s hard to match the colors, it’s either a top, a bottom, or a shoe.

If you match the black color, it is not perfect, but it goes beyond the middle.

Back to the pants.

To be honest, I don’t know what kind of material these pants are.

It’s not a grooved golden, and it’s like velvet satin.

It’s white and dimensional depending on the light, but it’s not soft.

Wrinkles easily. It’s not a fleece, it’s not a pair of cotton pants.

I have no idea. I’ve been looking around the Internet shopping mall all morning.

I couldn’t find any pants or tops made of these materials.

It’s high-end and high-quality.

The front part of the pants is wrinkled with wrinkles on the chin.

It’s light enough to barely feel the weight of the pants.

It is a wide fit that can be worn daily.

It’s comfortable with the backbanding.

My hands go there more often than I thought, so I give a review.

These pants look like khaki mixed with green.

It looks like soil color and something is hard to define for me.

To be honest, I’m a warm-toned autumn person.

I thought it wouldn’t suit you.

I’m not the type to buy clothes because I believe in the color of the percussion.

I tried it on and it was prejudice and arrogance.

Something about the pants fit and the color.

I think I’m a hip person.

A style that’s not ordinary or too much.

They made it all into the color of the pants.

It’s not the same texture as my appearance.

It’s not just the color and styling that’s homogeneous with my appearance.

Is this the opposite of what makes me stand out more?

It’s not that I look cool today, but I think I look cool today.

I used to hear a radio show about fashion.

I just have to ask you fiercely what clothes I want.

It is said that you can save money on clothes for a year.

I think it would be good if you put a splashing item on the MustHave item.

The health of my body and mind…

It’s coming out of my eyes.

I don’t know what kind of luxury to eat or what kind of clothes to wear.

It’s called the best styling for the health of the body and mind.

It’s finished, and it’s very informative.

remain in one’s memory for a long time

Winter clothes are a trend this season.

It seems that Samsung Electronics is going to finish it by finishing off with a quilting padded jacket.

It’s Monday, which is suddenly colder than the weekend.

I don’t have time to feel cold because I have a lot of work and my head is so complicated.

It’s a waste of time. Lots to see, lots to read, lots to do.

We’re gonna have to figure it out on New Year’s Day.

The one you wore on top was the one I introduced last time.

Celine is a black sweatshirt.

Roughly dressed, I think black has many advantages.

When I buy clothes, I can barely buy black.

My favorite color. I buy the color I want to wear.

So this sweatshirt is also a gift

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