Please visit the Suyu station massage and get it.

I’ve been standing in my shoes all the time.

My legs are always swollen and stiff every night.

I’m gonna squeeze it out, I’m gonna stretch it out.

I tried it, but there was a limit.

I asked my boyfriend, and he didn’t tell me.

I checked out the massage at Suyu Station and made a reservation.

I’ve been looking at it a lot and wondering about it.

It was The Foot Shop’s Suyu Station.

He’s taking care of it in the traditional Chinese way.

Yeah, well, from the entrance, there’s a sense of professionalism.

Should I say I’m better?

I usually use a massage machine.

I’ll get it. I’ll get it this way.

I wanted to, but I was looking forward to it.

As soon as you get in, you’ll be able to take a foot bath right in front

I saw a place where I could do it.

The entire store feels like it’s in China.

It’s decorated. It’s gorgeous.

It seemed to make me feel comfortable.

At the Foot Shop of Massage in Suyu Station

I had a quick consultation with 마사지 the staff.

You can ask me about my condition one by one.

A course that is kind enough for me.

You showed me how I felt before I got it.

I think I got better.

It’s called the Foot Care Shop.

I thought you were a foot specialist.

They take care of the whole body.

I was waiting and I was looking around the shop.

It’s like they’re in China.

It was displayed in various ways.

Personally, that cabinet is too much.

It was unique and pretty with a local vibe.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve known that when I was a kid,

I’ve never lost a pair of shoes.

I’ve been there often.

So the open shoe rack is a little bit of a nervousness.

We’re on the side, but this is a private locker to the shoe rack.

It was good because it was set up so I didn’t worry about losing it.

I’ve got the illusion that I’m in a museum.

There are a lot of interesting decorations.

I feel like you’ve been paying attention to each and every one of them.

I wanted to get care as soon as possible.

Light is light, but the first light is here and there.

They’re all set together, like a care shop.

warm and comfortable

I feel relaxed because I feel that way.

I’m actually worried about the price being a little too high.

But it was my misunderstanding.

The price range ranges from 10,000 won to 100,000 won.

It was a diverse and comfortable line.

If you pay in a flat bill at once,

It’s a lot more profitable than the extra charge.

And it’s going up to this month’s special price.

The breastfeeding massage at a reasonable price.

You can get it.

I’ve had repeated swelling in my legs.

I can’t release him. He’s having a severe edema.

And that’s why you’re so tired.

He said he could feel it.

So once you get it, you have to take care of your whole body.

Think we’ll release him. Full-body aromatherapy.

I’ve made my choice.

I went to the dressing room to change.

They’re all big in each compartment, so long clothes.

It’s also convenient to hang.

It’s personal lockers, so I’m relieved.

I think I was able to get care.

I keep my personal luggage in my locker,

Things you really shouldn’t lose.

He said he’d take care of it separately.

And before you take care of it, do you have any inconveniences?

They asked me individually.

If you’re pregnant or have a disease, you’re gonna need to take care

He said he couldn’t get it, so if you could refer to it,

That sounds like a plan.

I was changing my clothes in the dressing room, and the size of the gown was…

It has a variety of items.

Usually when you go to a sauna or get a massage like this,

You want to wear something that’s more comfortable than something that sticks.

Think from the point of view of the massage customer.

I was touched because it was a detailed preparation.

I saw you coming in before you got your body taken care of.

I could have taken a foot bath first in the foot bath.

I’m talking to my boyfriend right next to me.

It was nice to be able to receive it comfortably.

I’m starting to get a foot bath, and I’m starting to get warm tea.

They said they’d prepare it for us.

From basic cars like herbal tea, rose tea, lavender.

Even for older people, like bokbun and ginseng,

There are many good cars prepared.

The temperature is just right and warm.

I feel relaxed after drinking it.

There’s Dr. Fish in the middle.

I thought I’d be embarrassed if I stuck too much.

I couldn’t bring myself to use it.

Dr. Fish. It’s easy to find a place to use.

But if you use it here at once,

I don’t need to visit twice.

When I feel drowsy, I’ll get my care.

I went into the maintenance room.

There was a threadbare foot at the entrance.

At first, I thought it was just like that.

I thought I’d be embarrassed when I was in care.

Fortunately, there was a door inside.

I can get it private.

I think I was relieved.

You’re also doing background and full body maintenance.

With the bed and the chair that you’re going to get lying on the inside.

It was on the shelf.

in the most comfortable position, depending on the care you take

It seemed like I could get it.

Also available when you come as a group from a meeting.

We have a separate group room.

So many of you can get it at once.

I was surprised to see the place for the first time.

I can get care with my boyfriend.

It was great to have you.

These days, I’ve been working with people I don’t know.

I don’t care if we bump into each other.

It’s just between us.

You don’t have to worry about it. It’s good.

We both chose full-body aromas.

The management team is trying to find a way to get a lumpy, stiff spot.

They find it like a ghost and release it.

It’s not painful, it’s cool.

I want to keep getting it.

Do you also use oil in high quality?

It’s not sticky, it’s fresh.

It was nice because it had a soft feeling.
How time goes by so fast.

I thought I got it for a second, but it’s a little old-fashioned.

Suyu Station Massage Care has been distracted.

It was all over.

as soon as I woke up, my whole body felt lighter.

I was so satisfied because I felt so happy.

Maybe my mom says it’s menopause these days.

You said your whole body was swollen and stiff.

If you take care of it here,

I thought it would be nice.

I bought a membership and gave it to you as a gift.

They really liked it.

Next time, I’ll visit with my mom.

I’m thinking of getting it while talking about it.

It’s right in front of the Suyu Station.

You don’t have to bring a car to get here.

I guess so.

You know, the basic physical strength you have in your life,

I know it’s good, but I think it’s good to be able to

I think it’s very helpful.

Get the best service at a low price

I want you to visit the breastfeeding station massage.

I hope you get it.

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