Home tie massage I found on my way home from work

Healing after leaving the knife. Going home tie business trip. Working phase body check lower body management upper body management massage full body management massage recovery stress TIMASage massage travel massage appointment consultation. Relax and relax at the body hotel. How do you heal your day after leaving work? There must be a variety of individual paths, such as watching TV at a famous hotel where you had dinner with your colleagues and relieving stress through famous movies and cultural life.
Today, I would like to tell you about Going Home-Tai, where I was able to heal in a more special way at the hotel.
The word “Going Home Thai” was not a type of service at the Thai massage shop, but it was a service where a direct manager was invited to the house for management.
It seemed like it was a convenient and not bad system for people who went to the Taishop and had trouble keeping time.
Also, there are various kinds of therapy for dry aroma mothers, so you can choose to make a circle. First of all, when the caregiver is in the hospital, he/she sets the bed and bed like a Thai massage shop.
I really feel like I’m at a massage shop. He’s used to setting things up like a bolt out of the blue. I’m going to get it in the living room today before it’s new.
While the maintenance guy was getting ready, we changed into a tie massage suit, hehey, and I’m going to talk about my condition with the maintenance guy, and then I’m going to talk to him about what I want you to do when you massage him. It’s really meticulous. I thought it was just a massage, but it was nice because I felt like I was being taken care of every day. Before that, my shoulders and neck usually get stiff and sore because we’re straight. Therefore, we decided to focus more on shoulders and neck and legs.
His shoulders were so strong that he picked up how we knew where it hurt so well that he concentrated on his target neck and it was so cool. My throat’s fine now. 홈타이 and I’ve been out there all day, and when I get home in the evening, my legs are swollen. I always try to take a foot bath and pass it because it’s annoying, but it’s already hardened like a muscle, and my pelvis hurts so much. Today, I’m going to gently loosen my pelvis from the bottom of my lungs. It’s so nice that you played classical music on your Bluetooth speaker like a massage shop, so I was touched twice or three times by your daily sensitivity and meticulous service.
I was so tired that I fell asleep that I had a bad prejudice after the actual business trip massage, but the business trip tie was different. I think it’s great to find a new technology for healthy body healing.
It’s also recommended for housewives. I love this kind of service.
They also put on aroma oil that feels like a shot. It’ll smell great, and it’ll reduce shoulder pain and it’ll be great. I was light-hearted. It gives you a lot of finishing stretching, and the bones of the whole body, the sound of the bones, are in the right place. Thank you for preparing warm tea for the deadline. I’m so moved. I’m going to enjoy it at home. The wisest way to heal at home How about a different taimasa at home today?

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