It was perfect for me.

I said it’s good to use a lot of oil, and I’m going to use a lot of it for 90 minutes.

I could have received it, but I’m so comfortable with the management that I can trust and trust my body, so I’ll be back tomorrow.

I want to visit the Sillim Gunma shop again.

It doesn’t hurt and rolls well enough, so I feel like my muscles are slowly loosening up, so I’m going to sleep like this later.

I was thinking about what I wanted to do and time flew by in a daze.

There’s an hour and an hour and a half full-body care program.

I chose an hour and a half course.

I usually get a lot of care, so it feels like an hour is short.

Those of you who are in charge of aroma management will know.

An hour is just like ten minutes.

So a Korean manager comes in and starts management 스웨디시 마사지 with a simple greeting.

It’s done. She’s saying hello with her cute and pretty eyes melting.

I thought you’ve been doing something for a long time.

He’s so good at taking care of himself.

To the shoulders, calves, back, and the original bad waist.

There was a bit of coolness and a little pain in the muscle splitting as you went through the braces.

It doesn’t hurt when the muscles are in normal condition.

Skin care products were of the same brand, and the Daejeon 1-person shop massage shop was as clean as using a hair comb without a hair. It felt like I put a lot of effort into cleanliness.

After I got dressed, the head of Daejeon 1-person shop massage shop offered me a warm hibiscus tea. I feel very relaxed and calmer because I feel warm inside my body. It was my favorite one-person shop I’ve been to in Daejeon! It’s hard to make a reservation, but it’s a shop that was good enough to bear. Why don’t you all try to heal here?~

It was the first time. At a shop that was previously cared for,

There was only the pain of breaking the muscles of the whole body, but writing.

I still feel cool. The coolness of the day and the day after that.

Now that I think about it, I’ve been given the proofreading and the maintenance.

It was a big effect. It was perfect for me.

I liked the fact that the Korean manager’s management skills and personality were also easy to manage.

It depends on the person, but I’m the type who relieves stress through conversation.

I was thankful that you have a good personality and take good care of me.

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