Simple Review of Imported 88카 Heavy Vehicles

You’ve never had maple syrup before.

Do you have it? It’s my first time.

I’m really looking forward to it. from what I hear

I heard it’s very sweet. Before

I’m going to use it for work at my friend’s company.

Find the Grand Starex 3-Van used car.

There was, but I’m also looking for information.

I helped him. So I thanked him.

It was a gift! so

Today, we’re gonna talk about the car we saw that day.

I’m going to give it to you!

The car I saw that day was white.

It’s the Grand Starex 3-Van used car.

Always looking at silver or black.

It was different when I saw it white.

There’s a letter sticker on the side.

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a car without it.

I think I’ve been there.Hehehehe

I thought I was going to cut the ice, but I cut the ice.

Even rough scratches like the surface.

No, it was neat and I liked my first impression!

It’s got a lot of tint in it.

It was barely visible, but this is also true.

It was 88카 very satisfying.~

It’s the part that holds the stuff. It’s too bright.

If it’s not strong, it won’t go bad.

The part that contains the human being is the sunlight.

You know, if you’re strong, your skin gets damaged, and you like it.

It’s one of the parts.haha and

I can’t believe you’re resting inside.

Wouldn’t it be easier for you to drive?

Looking around the Grand Starex 3-Van,

I’ve seen wheels and tires. a patterned person

It’s still dark. It’s perforated.

There’s no part, so you don’t have to replace it right away.

We’re gonna be able to run well for a while.

I had an idea. Look around the wheels.

I’ve done it before, but it’s not easy to cut or bend.

I was glad I didn’t have it!

And I thought it was a little bitches.

I’ve seen the engine room, and somehow the lines,

You’ve got all the parts in place. lol

That’s why I’m so proud of myself.

It was a clean layout without a break!

You can take out the engines one by one.

I’ve only seen it with my eyes, but it’s vibrating.

It’s not unnatural to look nervous.

I thought it was okay. H-H-H-H

And when you open and close the bonnet, you don’t have to.

It didn’t creak, so it looked safe.

The driver’s seat on the Grand Starex 3-Van,

I saw Jo Su-seok. It’s a three-seater.

There was no back seat and there was no middle seathead.

You fold up the parts that aren’t there, you unfold them,

You can’t use it to suit your situation.

There was. The sheets were gray, so the clothes…

Whatever’s on it, move it to the sheet.

I didn’t think he’d ask.

I think it’s okay because it’s soft.

It was very satisfying.~

He’s inside, he’s behind the wheeling.

I saw the center fascia glove boxes.

I felt it while I was watching it.

I thought you had a big heart. He’s tall.

He was a big guy, and he was frustrated.

He didn’t look uncomfortable.~

So it looked good! My friend saw me.

And pull on your seat belt.

I used to do it, but it pulled well, locked well,

Pulling didn’t get you out

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